Lips You'll Luv by Kim
Lips You'll Luv by Kim

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SeneGence now offers a sample Starter Collection of LipSense in the Welcome Pack for all new distributors. Total cost to sign up is $65 per year.  The new starter kit is sent to you with your Welcome Pack.  


There are currently three options to choose from for your New Distributor Kit.  You can select the Rich Bold colors, Soft Neutrals, or the Deep Neutrals for your kit.




Q:  Are there any monthly minimums?

A:  There are no monthly minimums.  To remain active as a distributor, you must acquire 100PV ($200) in products within six months.


Q:  How much of a discount on products do I receive?

A.  You will immediately receive a 20% discount on all products up to $200.  The breakdown is below.

    1 PV - 99 PV = 20% discount

   100 PV - 299 PV = 30% discount

    300 PV - 749 PV = 40% discount

    750 PV + = 50% discount (FREE Shipping)


Q:  Do I have to sell?

A:  If you are in the US, you have the option to turn your website (SeneSite) on and let the company do all the order fulfillments.  The discount/profit structure is still the same minus a 5% processing fee.  You get paid out on your commision on sales every Friday.


      $1 - $199 sold = 15% commission

      $200 - $599 sold = 25% commission

      $600 - $1,499 sold = 35% commission

      $1,500+ sold = 45% commission


Q:  Do I have to carry inventory?

A:  No! Your discount level is based on how much PV (point value) is accumulated during a month. The more PV, the higher the discount available.  You can jump start your business as fast as you want.


Q:  What kind of support will I have?

A:  When you sign up, we are working together as a team!  I have over four years of working in this industry to share with you.  Additionally, there are training videos, webinars, along with women from 17 countries willing to share tips and tricks of the business.


Q:  How do I sign up?

A:  To sign up, simply go to and use my ID 349605 to enroll.


Q:  Can I cancel at anytime?

A: Technically, you don't need to cancel.  All that is required to stay active is to order 100 PV ($200) every six (6) months.  If you go six (6) months without ordering, your account will go inactive. No cancellation fees or penalties.  You can even sign back up at any time!

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