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Beauty Book - April 2023
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These lip colors are a matte finish, require one coat of lip color, no gloss, and offer the same protections from sun as the LipSesnse.  You can expect up to 6 hours of wear.  These lip colors have a humectant, apple fruit extract, and sodium hyaluronic to keep the lips soft and plump.  

INTRODUCING LashSense Lashes by SeneGence

SeneGence has partnered with the Lashify experts in formulating the perfect solution to imitation lashes.  These come in small, medium, and large florettes.  The florette lashes fuse to the natural lash with zero damage.



Welcome!  You've taken the first step in learning about an amazing anti-aging product line of skin care and cosmetic, SeneGence International.  The products are all 98% botanical; 2% science.   Most people first learn of SeneGence through the revolutionary product, LipSense.  This long-lasting lip color (up to 18 hours while hydrating your lips) has taken the cosmetic industry by storm!  Take a look through the Products page at the variety of colors available for purchase.  There are over 60 shades to choose from, but by purchasing more than one color, you could end up with so many more shades because of their layering capability.  LipSense requires three thin layers and dependent upon which layer you begin with or end with, can change your lip color altogether.  What a way to save money on lip color and to have fun with it at the same time.  The best way to learn about the products is to experience them.  Contact me for a FREE makeover at 941-592-9925 anytime.  Thank you for checking out this website.  


Check out all of the LipSense shades on the LIPSENSE tab (above)!



LipSense is the pioneer of long-lasting lip color.  This product works best when used with the shea butter and vitamin E gloss to keep your lips moist and supple.  Begin with the Starter Kit.  Select a color of your choice, a gloss, and the remover.  







Creations made using SeneGence's ShadowSense and LipSense colors!



SeneGence has created a lash-growing product called LashSense®.  This product contains the ingredient called "capixyl" which helps to provide fuller, healthier-looking lashes over a four-week period.  The UnderSense® Primer and VolumeIntense Mascara works together to condition, lengthen, and volumize the lashes.

The forumula is opthamologist tested and safe for contact lense wearers.


SeneGence has developed many other products including skin care and cosmetic systems with highly advanced anti-aging properties to naturally enhance your skin to feel and look more smooth and radiant (be sure to check out the Products page).  These products can be found in over 16 countries around the world and are made in "Pharmaceutical Grade" rated manufacturing facilities within the United States.  All products are forumulated with FDA approved and naturally reoccuring ingredients.

Skin Care

SeneGence offers skin care products for all skin types.  In fact, other than the standard dry, normal to dry, and normal to oily skin, SeneDerm Skincare also has oily to acne skin care products.  Some of the daily skincare products include our 3-in-1 Cleanser, DayTime Moisturizer and Evening Moisturizer.


3-in-1 Cleanser

The triple-action cleanser works to cleanse, tone and hyrdrate your skin while helping to maintain the skin's natural moisture.  These products are detergent-free and works to restore pH while it effectively removes dirt, oil and bacteria from your skin.


DayTime Moisturizer

This product is a light-weight daily moisturizer which delivers anti-aging advantages and botanicals that work to balance moisture and naturally hydrate the skin.  A mechanical shield is formed to protect the skin from oxidation and environmental hazards.


Evening Moisturizer

Don't miss out on a product that offers extra protection from free radials while you sleep.  This is a thick, rich cream with ingredients that aid in increased cell production and regeneration.

SkinCare Routine



NORMAL TO DRY No oil in "T" zone, generally healthy appearance, clear with even texture, may have occasional tightness or fl aking, small to medium size pores.


DRY No oiliness, can feel tight and itchy, noticeable fi ne lines, may have red or rough patches, small pores, visible fl aking.


NORMAL TO OILY Oily "T" zone, generally healthy appearance with occasional breakouts or blemishes, pores are medium to large, skin appears shiny and can feel oily. OILY TO ACNE All over shiny appearance and oily feeling, blemish and acneprone, visible discoloration, whiteheads and blackheads, enlarged pores.





  • Improves the look of dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles, and puffiness.
  • Helps visible signs of aging and fatigue, helping eye area appear fresh and youthful.
  • During a six-week independent consumer study, a majority of participants agreed NeoTight Serum minimized the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Light formula absorbs quickly, leaving skin soothed and refreshed.
  • Smooth skin and helps tired eyes appear more energized.


Facts Sheet




There are many ways you can order SeneGence products:


1.  Text the word ORDER to 352-623-2228 to activate my ordering bot

2.  Email me at

3.  Contact me at 941-592-9925

4.  Message me via Messenger

5.  Order direct at
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