Lips You'll Luv by Kim
Lips You'll Luv by Kim

Anti-Aging Products

Six-Month Transformation

October, 2016

With the use of the SeneDerm products by SeneGence, the kinectic enzymes of SenePlex Complex affects the way the skin cells grow from the bottom layers to the top.

January, 2017

This SeneGence distributor began to see the revolutionary results of the anti-aging products.  With the use of these products, there is an increase of 23.3% in cellular renewal.

April, 2017

After six months of daily use of SeneGene's anti-aging products, the skin was glistening with health and signs of aging (wrinkles and puffiness) had disappeared.  I was personally sold on these products by witnessing the skin of this distributor.

Anti-Aging Products

After basic skin care with SeneGence products, many of the anti-aging products in demand are the Climate Control (hydration in its purest form); SeneSerum-C (100% natural blend of the most anti-aging ingredients); Collagen Night Pak (a break-through anti-aging sleep treatment that seals in moisture while you sleep).  

SeneDerm Solution & Sense Cosmetics

Click on each image below for better viewing....  these are only a small portion of products available through SeneGence.

The Science Behind the Products

SeneGence products offer many benefits for increasing cellular renewal with its SenePlex Complex.  SelPlex, which is used in the Cimate Control, is a blend of herbal oil extracts, vitamins and tocopherols that soothe the skin while aiding in promoting healthy skin.  

The environment and atmospheric polution is a part of every day life.  SeneShield, which is found in the SeneSerum-C combats the hazards with an urbanization-defending blend of ingredients.  SeneSheild includes a natural plant sorbitol and yeast extract, creating a transparent shield for skin that protects and helps reduce aging.

All SeneGence products are made to promote healthy skin while protecting it at the same time.

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