Lips You'll Luv by Kim
Lips You'll Luv by Kim

Sizzling Summer

Host a Party and Get a Discount on all Products!

Invite some friends to share in the fun of playing with makeup.  Begin with skin care and see the amazing shine to your faces as you use the SeneDerm's Polishing Exfoliator and SeneDerm's Daytime Moisturizer on your skin.  


You will be amazed at the array of anti-aging products that bring back the lumious glow to your skin.   The anti-aging products offer the protective ingredients to help prevent damage to skin and shield the skin from environmental hazards.  


Then check out the vast colors of foundation which is known for its oil-free, water proof and long-lasting benefits.  Foundations provide a mechanical shield equivalent to SPF 30 when applied after SeneDerm's DayTime Moisturizer.  


Let's not forget the LipSense!  The colors are brilliant, vibrant, and long-lasting.  The lip colors are fun to mix and match to find your very own unique color.


Contact me to schedule your party today.  

Other Special Offers!

Become a SeneGence Distributor!

Take part in a creative group that teaches you how to apply makeup as well as sell one of the fastest growing products on the market today...LipSense by SeneGence.  Get to know their products from skin care to lips.  This is  a rewarding adventure in making new friendships and earning an income while working from home!

Sign up for a Free Makeover!

You will be amazed at the transformation from using the SeneDerm & SenePlex Complex products.  Contact me for a free makeover and compare the products to your current favorites.  SeneGence products are like no other and the company offers a 100% money back guarantee to prove it.

Sense Cosmetics

Did you know that you can obtain the "pouty lips" without using irritants?  With the natural technologies of SeneGence, your lips will plump from inside out.  Your lips will become smoother and fuller with continued use.  LashExtend, Nail Extender are also fabulous products in the Cosmetics line. Choose a natural way to look beautiful and feel beautiful.

Distributor's Note

SeneGence products encountered and unexpected spike in demand.  This is amazing as it means continual growth.  SeneGence is ramping up production to meet the needs of all of their customers.  If there is something you are interested in, please let me know.  I will make every effort to get the item(s) you want!  You are my top priority!

Abundance by SeneGence

      Introducing Parfums

SeneGence is now releasing their new line of parfums.  Fresh, Lush and Bloom.  


Parfums are the strongest, concentrated form of a fragrance.  Fresh, Lush and Bloom are parfums with 20% - 40% essential oils.  Compared to others on the market,  Abundance by SeneGence offers a higher concentration.  For example, Eau de Parfum is only 10% - 20% of essential oils.  Eau de Toillette is only 5% - 15% of essential oils.  Cologne is only 3% - 8% of essential oils.  


The higher concentration provides you with a longer lasting scent by using less of the product.  


SeneGence provides only the best to its customers.  

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Lips You'll Luv by Kim
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