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Lips You'll Luv by Kim

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Life-Style Change

June 8, 2019

It is unbelievable how a person's life can change almost over night simply by changing professions.  Working in the corporate world has its benefits, but nothing prepared me for the life I am now leading.  I am finally working with and in a business that I love.  I enjoy the work and don't even mind an early day or late evening meeting.  Interacting with so many wonderful women at various networking meetings and events has brought me life-long friendships of which I am truly grateful.


Being your own boss has its benefits too.  I have noticed how more and more women find that they can actually juggle a personal life with a professional life with SeneGence.  Who would have thought that a mother of 4 or 6 children could actually manage it all?  Well, it is done every day and what amazes me most, they are very successful at it.  One distributor actually made more money in one month than her husband made in an entire year.  This has allowed this young couple to raise their three children together!  Now, that's unheard of today.  While raising my children, it was either one of us or the other that would be in the process of finding another job...for whatever reason.  We were like two ships passing in the night.  What a fabulous opportunity for women now to be able to work in a business that is actually fun, self-managed, family-focused and lucrative.


If you haven't considered the SeneChoice, then you should.  What is the SeneChoice?  It is what I have been basically outlining in this blog--being your own boss!  Maybe you are stuck in a rut, or your income isn't stretching as far as you would have hoped.  These products virtually sell themselves!  I find all I need to do is share them.  It still impresses me when I share LipSense with someone.  The look of shock on their faces still make me smile.  


I will attempt to blog at least once a week.  There are so many exciting things that might be of interest.  I doubt I will always blog about the business, but then again, it is such a large part of my life after my family.


"Live life in love and abundance and work for it!"

                            -- Joni Kante-Rogers




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